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Addional Publications by Joseph Albino Writer-Photographer

Notes from Joseph Albino:

A few years ago, I began making Holy Hours at a Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel in Syracuse, NY and noticed that Holy Hour Gift Cards were available just for that chapel.

I decided to design, copyright, and have printed Holy Hour Gift Cards that I could use at any Eucharistic Adoration Chapel where I might make a Holy Hour, particularly because I travel extensively. I am accustomed to attending Daily Mass, so I next decided to design, copyright, and print Daily Mass Gift Cards.

The thought then occurred to me that others might be interested in purchasing the spiritual gift cards. Using the services of a graphic artist and local printer, I obtained stationery letterhead, price cards, mailing envelopes, and labels.

I also began to advertise our cards in Catholic newspapers and began having the spiritual gift cards printed in larger quantities because the larger the print order the lower the unit price.

In addition, I retained the services of a web designer to develop a Meljo's Artifacts web site.

When my youngest daughter, Melody Jo, was about 8 years old, she and I began making rock jewelry and selling it on consignment at local gift shops. We took the name Meljo’s Artifacts based on the combination of our first names: Melody and Joseph. Rather than develop a new name for the spiritual gift card business, I decided to continue to use the name Meljo’s Artifacts. However, I added the logo of a dove as a sign of the Holy Spirit.

Subsequently, I decided to develop a Most Holy Rosary Gift Card but made it of a larger size in order for it to hold a booklet (optional) about the Mysteries to be meditated upon. I might add that for each card that I designed, I obtained approval from my spiritual advisers.

At a later date, two priest brothers, Frs. Peter and Fred Helfrich of the Rochester Diocese, took a liking to my cards and suggested that I add a Votive Candle Spiritual Gift Card to my collection. They also assisted me in designing the card.

During the Lent of 2005, while making Stations of the Cross one particular Friday evening, I decided to add a Stations of the Cross Gift Card to my collection. Most recently, I have added a Chaplet of Divine Mercy Gift Card.

Several years ago, while making a weekend retreat at Christ The King Retreat House in Syracuse, I came upon A Meditation Before The Blessed Sacrament Prayer Card and obtained permission to use it. I added a picture of The Face of Jesus from the Shroud of Turin. Since then I have been making available additional laminated prayer cards.

It is my hope that many will continue to utilize our spiritual gift cards in order to let family, friends, priests, and religious know that they are being prayed for. I also hope that our laminated prayer cards will be a source of consolation to those who use them.


Sincerely yours,


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